Russian language setup for Space Station 13

Hi, I’m BartNixon - spriter, event master and Russian Wing ambassador of Tau Ceti.
Language issue is the most common problem for english users, playing on russian server. And not only because writing is so different from classic latin letters, or because you don’t know russian language at all. General problem is, how it’s displayed on your PC while you play Space Station 13.

This is how you should see it: “Инженеры суки! Сингулярность сбежала!” *Engineer bitches! Singularity has escaped!
This is how you see it: “Êæéíñþÿ çÿþí! Çïñßå çßéñðõä!”
You also can see it in this way: “?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??! ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??!”

This happens because SS13 is non Unicode program, and so it needs designation of language to use instead of english.
If you see “ñéí” - these are ANSI symbols, which means that you have english as language on your system locale.
If you see “??” this means that you have some language on your system locale, but it’s not russian and not even english.

To solve this issue do the following steps:
Control Panel - Clock, Language and Region - Change keyboards and other inputs - Administrative - Language for Non-Unicode programs - Russian - Apply - Restart

(If it doesnt work, despite it should, in the same part of control panel - Change Stystem Locale - Russian (Russia) )

Attention! This DOESN’T CHANGE your system language or harm your system. This only MAKES RUSSIAN TEXT READABLE in non Unicode programs like Space Station 13.
If you want to play on Beta, this is a great help for you.

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